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is 4/0 bigger than 2/0

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  • Is 2/0 wire bigger than 1/0?

  • 2/0 is bigger than 1/0. theres a very good chance you wont need to run anything bigger than 1/0 however. Monroe, Louisiana 2 DD3515s, 2… Welding cable. if you really need it i would just have 2 runs of 1/0. ive only seen one car before with 2/0 and he was running over 15kw for comps. how many amps are you running?

  • How much larger is one size than the other?

  • Each size is about 25% larger than the previous. This mean moving three sizes doubles the cross sectional area and moving ten sizes, e.g. from 20 to 10 AWG, increases the area about tenfold. Only every other sizes is used in reality.

  • Which number is larger or less than?

  • Which Number is Larger? This is the greater than operator. It results as TRUE when the number on the left is larger than the number on the right. This is the equal to operator. This results as TRUE when both the numbers on the left and right are the same. This is the less than operator.

  • What is the size of -1 on the scale?

  • Size 0 is often written as 1/0 and the size -1 is written as 2/0, pronounced two-aught. The scale ends with 4/0 AWG

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