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  • What is ironridge?

  • IronRidge manufactures solar panel mounting and racking systems for PV arrays. As a complete integrator for racking and mounting, IronRidge provides: roof top, ground mount, top of pole, universal clamps, tilts, rails, and other solutions for solar energy systems.

  • What is the ironridge roof mount system?

  • The IronRidge Roof Mount System featuring the XR Rail Family provides the durability and versatility to handle virtually any residential or commercial rooftop. IronRidge builds the strongest roof mounting system in solar.

  • Why choose ironridge solar racking?

  • Featuring efficient and flexible designs, IronRidge products are the top choice of DIY’ers, installers and contractors alike because they are easy and fast to install. Click below to learn more about IronRidge or give an altE solar racking expert a call today at 877-878-4060.

  • What is the ironridge integrated grounding system?

  • IronRidge Rails are certified for integrated grounding. The IronRidge Integrated Grounding System bonds solar module frames directly to IronRidge solar panel mounting rails, eliminating the need for separate module grounding parts and procedures.

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