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  • How much does an IQ7+ micro inverter cost?

  • IQ7+ Price and Specs Enphase IQ7+ micro-inverter Price: $147 apiece (plus $18 apiece for mandatory Q Cable connectors, totaling $165 per unit) Wattage: 290 watts

  • What is the warranty on the IQ7+?

  • The IQ7+ comes with a standard 25-year warranty. If one of your micro-inverters ever malfunctions at any point in your system鈥檚 lifetime, you鈥檙e covered for a free replacement. No maintenance fees or hidden ownership costs to worry about.

  • How much power can the Enphase IQ7+ handle?

  • The Enphase spec sheet suggests the IQ7+ is compatible with panels up to 440W, but that鈥檚 overkill given any power generated above the 290W cap is wasted. We鈥檝e found that 335W is a good upper limit for the rated output of the IQ7+. Why use micro-inverters? To answer this question, let鈥檚 look at the limitations of string inverters.

  • What is the difference between the IQ7 and IQ7+?

  • The standard IQ7 only works with 60-cell panels due to its lower voltage and wattage. With the IQ7+, you can choose to work with 72-cell panels if you want.

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