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ilsco lay in lug

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  • Where can I find additional ilsco products?

  • For additional Ilsco products please refer to our Master Catalogue or visit; Pictorial Index ILSCON TERMINAL CONNECTORS 44201 – 44224 44501 – 44522 44900 – 4492045100 – 45121 UNDERGROUND USEB USEI DBK ASK SS, SSK, SSKC USPA-SS 6 7 8 9 10 11 ILSCONS Vinyl Rings ILSCONS Non-Insulated Forks ILSCONS Non-Insulated Splices ILSCONS

  • What are the features of a lay-in ground lug?

  • COPPER LAY-IN GROUND LUG DIRECT BURIAL TYPE GBL-DB Features 鈥ay-in feature 鈥anufactured fromhigh strength copper 鈥tainless steel 1/4-28 torque screw Bene藴ts 鈥rovides ease of installation of continuous loop groundingconductor 鈥uitable for direct burial and for use with copper conductors 鈥esists oxidation and corrosion in earth or concrete 667P

  • Where is ilsco located in Canada?

  • 1050 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, ON, Canada, L5E 1E4 41 Tel: 905.274.2341 Fax: 905.274.8763 TF: 1.800.665.2607 www.ilsco.caCanada Ltd.

  • What is the phone number for ilsco?

  • 1 Tel 905.274.2341 a 905.274.8763 1.800.665.2607 www.ilsco.caCanada Ltd. Catalog Dimensions N umber R ange L W H SGB-4 1.375 .500 1.080

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