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how to tie solar system to grid

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  • How do I connect a grid-tied solar panel?

  • There are two basic approaches to connecting a grid-tied solar panel system, as shown in the wiring diagrams below. The most common is a LOAD SIDE connection, made AFTER the main breaker. The alternative is a LINE OR SUPPLY-SIDE connection made BEFORE the main breaker.

  • How does a grid-connected solar home work?

  • When this happens, a grid-connected solar home will use electricity from the grid to meet its needs. This process happens automatically and is seamless to the homeowner. In the other case, when solar panels generate more electricity than a grid-connected home needs, it will send its extra electricity into the grid.

  • Can you get electricity from solar panels and the grid?

  • This means that the home can get electricity both from its solar panels and the electric grid. This is important because solar energy is intermittent: it stops working when the sun sets.

  • What is the Solar Grid?

  • When talking about home solar, the grid refers to the power grid, also known as the electric grid. It is the collection of machinery and wires that generates electricity and brings it to your home.

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