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How to set up a small solar power system

A small solar power system is an affordable and environmentally friendly option to create off-grid power when you need it.

The following is an in-depth examination of how to construct and install a solar energy system for your home:

A step-by-step guide to installing a solar energy system

1- Investigate the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Before beginning the process of solar energy powering your home, homeowners should do an energy audit and examine prospective efficiency modifications. Before opting for solar, homeowners should be aware of their entire electricity consumption and investigate low-cost, easy-to-implement energy efficiency techniques.

2- Determine Your Solar Capacity

Before choosing the best method for utilizing solar energy at home, determine the amount of solar energy that may be generated at your address. Because photovoltaic (PV) technologies generate power using both direct and dispersed sunlight, the solar resource in the United States is abundant for residential solar electric systems.

However, the amount of energy created by a solar energy system at a particular location is dependent on the amount of solar energy that reaches the system and the system’s size.

3- Evaluate Your Solar Energy Options

If you want to go solar, you no longer have to purchase and build a system that you completely own and operate. Even if you rent your house or are unable to purchase a rooftop solar system, there are numerous programs available to help you benefit from solar energy.

4- Calculate Your Solar Electricity Requirements

To assist your contractor in making recommendations about the type and size of your system, gather information about your home and energy use.

5- Recognize Available Financing and Incentive Programs

Through 2019, small solar energy installations are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit. The tax credit is reduced to 26% in 2020, then to 22% in 2021, before expiring on December 31, 2021.

If you choose to lease or purchase a solar energy system, keep in mind that you will be ineligible for this tax benefit because you will not own the solar energy system.

6- Collaborate with Your Installer and Utility Provider

If you choose to build a solar energy system, your installer should be able to assist you with the required permits and formalities.

Your installer will decide the system’s proper size. The size will be determined by your electricity consumption (as established in step 3) and the following:

  • The solar resource or available sunshine on the site
  • The direction and tilt of the system
  • The efficiency with which the system converts sunlight to electricity

Final Words

The solar power system in the US increased by a whopping 86% in 2017. Two-thirds of solar power capacity around the world has been installed since 2011. The costs of installing a solar power unit have steadily dropped time by time.

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