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How to Make My Own Solar Panel?

With the rise in appeal and demand of solar power, people are rushing to convert to this renewable energy source. There is an emergence of a whole new market that deals in solar power systems and its components. However, people are searching for innovative ways to build their own solar panels according to their needs. This involves hard work and effort, however, building a solar panel by yourself can save you a lot of money. Given below is a detailed account on how to make a solar panel by yourself.

Step by Step Building of a Solar Panel

Solar Panel consists of solar cells or photovoltaic cells that are connected together either in series or parallel combinations. Building a solar panel requires following steps:

Assembling of Solar Panel Components

The most important task is to collect and assemble all the components required to build a panel. You can procure these items from a local warehouse, or you can also order them online. The basic components include solar cells, connecting wires, glass plates, flux, junction box, inverter, and aluminium bar, etc.

Process of Building the Panel

Solar cells are soldered on a glass sheet. After that, the glass sheet is turned and the tile crossers are put between the photovoltaic cells to keep them in the proper place. Silicone sealant is placed along the edges of the two glass sheets in such a way that the solar cells are sandwiched between the two sheets.

Drying of the System

Let the system you just built dry for at least 24 hours. It will make the solar plate stronger.

Making of the Junction Box

You need to make a junction box at the backside of the panel with a terminal block. At one end of the terminal, the + end from the panel will go inwards. At the other end of the terminal, a wire comes out that goes to the inverter.

Setting up the Inverter

A small inverter can be used for a simple solar panel of low wattage or power production capacity. For a regular panel setup, an inverter of 24V to 50V is usually used. You can procure the inverter from your local supplier and connect it with the solar panel system.

Read Out Device

The inverter is connected to a read out device or meter that can show the power output. These days inverters with built-in recording devices are available on the market.

Testing the Solar Panel

Here comes the time to test the solar panel you have just built. Solar panels can wear out under harsh weather conditions. However, if proper care is taken, they can work for longer periods of time.

Final Words

You can make your own solar panel by considering the above mentioned steps. However, it should be kept in mind that making a workable solar panel requires relevant knowledge and experience.

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