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how to connect sma inverter to sunny portal

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  • How to connect an SMA inverter to WiFi?

  • Step 1: Connect device WiFi. Step 2: Login. Step 3: Start installation assistant. Step 4: Save settings. Take your SMA inverter to the next level. The following SMA inverter WiFi reconnect guide is applicable for all SMA WiFi-enabled inverters which include the SMA Sunny Boy VL-40, SMA Sunny Boy AV-40/4 1 and SMA Sunny Tripower AV-40 models.

  • How do I configure the inverter in sunny portal?

  • To perform the initial configuration, you must login as 鈥業nstaller鈥?by changing the User Group dropdown. The first time you login, it will ask you to create a password, so make sure you keep the password in your records. The password will be used to register the inverter in Sunny Portal.

  • What data can I access from the Sunny portal?

  • Basic access to the Sunny Portal provides system operators with online access to their systems from anywhere at any time. They can access key data such as yield and power or the system log book from their PC or mobile device. Can I display live data with Webconnect? Are there daily inverter comparisons? How often are event reports displayed?

  • What can I do with a Sunny Boy inverter?

  • New generation Sunny Boy inverters come equipped with factory-integrated WiFi and Ethernet capability which makes it very easy to integrate into a home network. This makes it ideal for local monitoring via the inverter鈥檚 own wireless home network or for online monitoring with SMA鈥檚 platforms such as Sunny Portal and Sunny Places.

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