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How Much Power Does a Solar Panel Generate?

It is important to consider the wattage, energy production capacity, or power of a solar panel before installing the solar panel system. The answer to the question, “How much power does a solar panel generate?” depends on two main factors:

  1. Cell efficiency
  2. Solar panel size

Let’s explore the impact of these two factors to understand how they impact the power production of a solar panel!

Solar Panel Efficiency

We can understand the link between solar cell efficiency and output by a simple equation:

Higher efficiency = Greater Output 

Silicone based solar cells have increased the efficiency of energy conversion, hence modern panels generate more power in general.

Solar Panel Size

Greater the number of solar cells on a panel, greater will be the amount of energy generated by them. A panel consisting of 60 solar cells will definitely produce more energy than a panel consisting of 42 solar cells.

Formula for Calculation of Energy Generation by a Solar Panel

The solar panels convert DC power and are rated according to their capability to produce it under standard conditions. Most of the solar panels available on market have wattage ranging from 250 to 400 watts. Usually, a generic formula is used to calculate the power production of a solar panel. It depends upon the number of hours a panel is exposed to direct sunlight per day and its wattage. Let’s calculate how much energy a 250 watt solar panel will generate in an area where it gets direct sunlight for 7 hours per day!

7 hours× 250 watt= 1750 watt-hours

Hence the output for each panel of the same power will be 1750 watt per day, or around 639 kWh power per year.

Formula for Calculating Solar Power Production per Square Meter

Generally, the solar panel system used for domestic purposes has a power of 4kW. It has 16 plates, and each plate of the panel is 1.6 square meter in size. We can calculate the power production per square meter by the following formula in two steps:

  1. Number of panels × Capacity of the solar panel system
  2. Capacity ÷ Total size of a system

Total size of the system can be calculated by multiplying the number of panels in the system with the size of one panel.

Other Factors Affecting the Energy Production by a Solar Panel

It is imperative to understand the effect of different factors on the power generation of a solar panel. Different factors such a s location, sun hours, shading, and weather conditions impact the total power production of a panel. Therefore, on different days the same panel may yield different output depending on the climatic conditions it is exposed to.

Final Words

A solar panel gives energy output according to its wattage. While setting up a solar panel system, it is wise to consider different factors affecting the power production as well as the power generation capacity of the panels so as to get the desired output.

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