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How Much is Solar Panel Installation?

Solar panel installation is a process requiring skill, precision, knowledge, and smart work. It is important to pay proper attention when it comes to installation of a panel, because otherwise it can affect power output of a panel. If a panel is not installed properly, you may face issues like panel break down, problems associated with shadow, and performance hindrance. In general, the installation cost of a solar panel is dependent on a number of factors including the cost of equipment required for installation, components of the solar panel system, installation tools and other additional charges. For a rough estimation of installation cost, just multiply the price per watt by the size of system you need for your house. However, there are other factors that influence this cost.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Solar Panel Installation

Following factors play an important role in determining how much a solar panel will cost you:

Labour Cost for Installation

It can have a great variance because different companies charge differently for a number of reasons including location, time of year, and  from their warehouse to your residential area or commercial unit, etc. However, there has been a reduction in labour costs over the year because of competitive market dynamics.

Roof Type/Shade

A solar panel is installed on an angled surface so that it can have direct exposure to the sunlight. If you have an angled roof or ground mount, this will work perfect for your solar panel system. Otherwise, you will need an angled frame for your solar panel. This will incur additional cost to your bill.

Average Monthly Energy Usage

Your power usage will determine the size of your solar panel and, therefore, total number of solar panels you need. The installation costs are directly proportional to the size of a solar panel system. It means that installation cost for a 8 kW system is greater than a 4 kW system.

Type of Inverter

Installation costs also depend on the type of inverter you use for your system. A string inverter having 4 individual inverter units will cost more than a string inverter with two units. The number of units of a string inverter depends mainly upon the amount of energy you need your inverter to convert per unit time.

Installation Tools

A number of installation tools are required for installing a solar panel. These tools include hammer, connection wires, electrical tape, tester, grinder, pliers, ladder, screw driver, etc. Some of these tools are available in your shed, or you can also borrow them from your neighbour. However, you will have to buy others which will add to the cost of your solar panel.

Final Words

Installation of a solar panel is an important process, and it needs an expert skill set. If you are looking for an experienced person to install solar panels, contact a panel installer to ensure long life and safety of your solar panel system which will cost you now, but definitely pay you in the long run.

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