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How Much is One Solar Panel for a House?

The cost of a solar panel for a house or residential purpose is determined by a number of varying factors including its power generation capacity or wattage, type, material used in its construction and fabrication, and cost of installation, etc. Although solar power is a highly cost-effective resource of energy, it is essential to be aware of the costs of installation of a solar panel system in your house so that you can plan the budget accordingly. The average cost of solar panels has decreased to a great extent with an increase in their popularity and accessibility. According to an estimate, the price of an average residential solar panel has reduced by 50 to 60 percent during the last ten years. Let’s have an insight into the factors responsible for determining the cost of one solar panel for a house!

Factors Affecting a Solar Panel Cost for a House

Various factors listed below decide the price of a solar panel.


The location of your house is a deciding factor for determining the cost of a solar panel. If you reside in an area where the direct sun hours per day are not much, you will probably have to use a Monocrystalline solar panel. These solar panels are great at reflecting direct or indirect sunlight, thereby giving better energy output. However, they might cost you more than other types of solar panels which are not as efficient as Monocrystalline ones are.

Equipment and System Panels

The cost of a panel also depends upon the type of panel you choose. If you select a panel of 500 watt, it will be costlier than a panel of 250 watt. Hence it has been seen that the wattage or power production capacity also influences the cost of a solar panel.

Roof Structure

The structure of a roof on which the solar panel is installed also affects the total cost. Solar panels produce the most energy on angled roofs. If your roof is not angled, an angled frame will have to be built to allow for the maximum sun exposure to these photovoltaic cells. This additional frame costs an additional amount, hence increasing the overall cost for the panel.

Solar Energy Friendly Incentives

If the area you live in encourages the use of solar energy, and there are certain user friendly incentives in place to acknowledge your care for the environment, this will certainly reduce your cost per solar panel. A solar investment tax credit is an example of such incentives.

Final Words

The cost of a solar panel for a house is dependent on many factors. However, it is not as much as you might be paying for the traditional energy resource consumption. Investing into solar energy will definitely reward you in the long run.

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