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How Many Solar Cells in a Solar Panel

A solar panel is made up of photovoltaic cells that are arranged in either a rectangular or square frame. These photovoltaic cells or solar cells are arranged in a configuration that can consist of 32, 36, 48, 60, 72, and 90 cells. Many solar cells have an output voltage limited to 0.5 volts, and an output current that is limited to 3 amperes. For this reason, it is important to connect these cells either in parallel communications or series to obtain higher outputs. The number of solar cells in a solar panel, however, depends on your specific application and usage.

The Number of Solar Cells in a Solar Panel

Most of the time, solar panels manufacturers build 12 Volt panels with 32, 36, or 48 photovoltaic cells for battery charging applications. These panels have the same current as they are fundamentally composed of the same basic cell. However, they differ in their voltage output. The interesting thing for us is to understand how these voltage changes relate to the voltage we require for our applications.

A General Rule of Thumb

In general, greater the number of solar cells wired in series, higher will be the voltage. This means that the number of solar cells in a solar plate varies according to your energy requirements. For residential purposes, solar plates having a configuration of 32, 36, and 48 photovoltaic cells are usually installed. However, for commercial purposes or other heavy usage, solar plates having a greater number of solar cells are preferred.

36- Cell Solar Panel

This solar panel has an output of about 16.7 volts. This is sufficient voltage to charge a lead acid battery. This panel is best suited to home applications and is quite cost effective as well.

60- Cell Solar Panel

60 cell solar panels are very common these days, therefore, their price has dropped to a great extent so much so that they are less expensive than 12 Volt panels. This has made them an attractive option for solar energy consumers.

70- Cell Solar Panel

An absolutely beneficial way to increase the power of a panel is to increase the number of solar cells in it. As the size of utility projects increases, the size of the solar panels also tends to increase to accommodate the energy needs. Moreover, the bigger a solar panel in terms of solar cells, the lesser number of solar plates you will need for a solar power system. Therefore, 70- cell solar panels are in high demand in commercial applications.

Final Words

The number of solar cells in a solar panel can be different owing to their specific usage and application. The difference in the number of these photovoltaic cells is actually responsible for generating different voltage. You can select a panel which better suits your energy needs.

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