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How Many kW Solar Panel Do I Need?

The demand and popularity of solar energy systems is increasing day by day. People are looking forward to installing solar panels for their residential units or for commercial purposes. However, there is one question faced by all those who seek to convert to a cleaner and renewable source of energy: solar energy. The question is how many solar panels or a solar panel of what power or wattage (kW) you need. There is not a single answer to this question as the number of solar panels you need or the power of a panel depends upon your average power consumption. Therefore, before installing a solar panel system, you need to know your average monthly energy consumption either at your home or your commercial unit. The power of a solar panel can be calculated by using certain equations or calculators. In addition to your average energy consumption, the wattage of a solar panel you need also depends upon other factors such as your area or location, the number of sun hours per day in your specific area, and other climatic conditions. Let us see how to calculate the power of a solar panel!

Calculating the Wattage and the Number of Panels You Need

Most of the solar panels used for residential purposes are rated between 300 to 500 watts. Let’s suppose the wattage of one panel at your house is 320 watts. It corresponds to the amount of energy generated by it.

  • In order to find out how many panels of 320 watts you need for your solar panel system, you have to calculate your average energy consumption. You can calculate this from your monthly electricity bills.
  • Calculate the power production ratio of your solar panel by dividing the wattage of your system by its electricity output in one year.
  • Put all the data in the following formula or equation:

Panel number= kWh usage/ production ratio/ power of a solar panel (wattage)

  • This formula gives you the number of solar panels of a specific power or kW you need for your solar panel system.

How Many kW Solar Panels You Need in Terms of Square Feet

In order to find out how many square feet of solar panel of a certain power you need, you have to know that an average residential solar panel is around 17.5 feet. After stating that, you can calculate the square feet of solar panel you need by multiplying this figure by the number of solar panels you have calculated by using aforementioned steps.

Final Words

The wattage of solar panels you intend to install clearly depends on a number of factors including your average power consumption. The sizing of a solar panel system constitutes finding what wattage and number of panels you need for your use, which can be calculated by considering the details mentioned above.

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