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how long can a solar panel last

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25+ years

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  • What is the lifespan of solar panels?

  • Solar panels offer homeowners a great way to reduce their carbon footprint. Luckily, the lifespan of solar panels will allow you to produce energy for many years, providing a great return on investment. You can count on most photovoltaic solar panels to last 25 years before they begin to noticeably degrade.

  • How long does a solar panel warranty last?

  • Usually, a workmanship warranty is offered for 10 years, which is sufficient time to claim customer service or even replacement. The rate of degradation and lifespan of a solar panel relate to the type of panel you have installed. For example, crystalline panels offer more resistance against normal wear and tear.

  • How long do solar inverters last?

  • While solar panels can last 25 to 30 years or more, inverters generally have a shorter life, due to more rapidly aging components. A common source of failure in inverters is the electro-mechanical wear on the capacitor in the inverter. The electrolyte capacitors have a shorter lifetime and age faster than dry components, said Solar Harmonics.

  • How long do solar panels offset your electricity use?

  • Your solar panels will be able to offset your electricity use for decades, but it is also important to understand industry projections and degradation rates. How long do solar panels last? As a general rule, solar panels last for about 25-30 years.

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