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How Does a Solar Panel Work Simple

If you are interested in sustainable energy and green technology, solar powered systems will surely capture your attention. Most probably, you will be interested in knowing how a solar panel works. Solar panel is an integral component of a solar power system that is composed of many solar cells. These solar cells are also called photovoltaic cells. A solar panel cannot function in isolation. It is a part of a system that comprises many other devices and equipment such as inverter, battery, and a metre, etc. However, it is the solar panel which is in direct contact with the sunlight as it is installed under the sun. In order to understand how a solar panel generates energy, you need to have an understanding of the following:

The Role of Photovoltaic Cells in the Working of a Solar Panel

The solar cells or photovoltaic cells are composed of semiconductor material, which is mostly silicon. When the photons of light fall onto these cells, their atoms let their electrons loose. These electrons are now moving freely and are responsible for conducting electricity. In this way solar energy is converted into electrical energy by photovoltaic cells.

Role of Inverter in Working of a Solar Panel

The energy generated by the solar panels is in the form of direct current. However, your appliances require alternating current in order to operate properly. This DC is converted to AC by the inverter. Many inverters are available on the market. These inverters are of varying strength. However, you need the one which suits your energy needs.

Role of a Battery in the Working of a Solar Panel

A battery is connected to the inverter. The function of the battery herein is to store energy. The energy produced by the solar panels is stored in it so that you can use it later on according to your energy consumption requirements.

Role of the Wattage of a Solar Panel in its Working

The Wattage or power production capacity of a solar panel determines how much energy it can generate. Moreover, it also influences the efficiency of your solar panel system. The greater the wattage, more is the power output of your panel.

Role of the Mounting System in the Working of a Solar Panel

Solar Panel is installed on an angled surface or mount which strengthens its base. If the mount is not inclined on a specific angle, the working of the solar panel may decrease in efficiency. However, if a mount is installed properly, a solar panel can work to its optimum functioning levels.

Final Words

A solar power system is composed of various parts, and the solar panel is the basic part of it. A panel works in coordination with other components and produces electric power that is utilised by the consumers to run their appliances.

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