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how do clouds affect sunlight

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Bouncing around from cloud to cloud,and down to Earth,sunlight’s warmth is bothenhanced and blockedby clouds. Atmospheric scientists from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory found that clouds’ overall effect on the amount of sunlight available to warm the earth depends on the wavelength of sunlight being measured.

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  • How do clouds affect solar panels?

  • Low clouds can block light from the sun, which means less solar energy. However, certain cloudy conditions can actually increase the amount of light reaching solar panels. Weather satellites such as those in the GOES-R Series keep an eye on these clouds, which can help scientists make predictions about the capture of solar energy.

  • How do clouds affect the temperature on Earth at night?

  • During the day, clouds can make the temperature on Earth cooler by blocking heat from the Sun. At night, clouds can make Earth’s temperature warmer by trapping heat that came from the Sun. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

  • What happens when sunlight hits a low cloud?

  • When sunlight hits low clouds, a lot of that light 鈥?and heat 鈥?is reflected back into space. When sunlight hits clouds that are high in the atmosphere, those clouds reflect less sunlight energy. However, these high clouds also trap more heat. When sunlight hits low clouds, most of that light is reflected back to space.

  • Can solar panels get sunlight on cloudy days?

  • However, solar panels can still receive sunlight on cloudy days. Clouds block some of the sun鈥檚 rays, but not all of them. A solar panel鈥檚 power production on cloudy days depends on the cloud coverage鈥檚 thickness. On a cloudy day, a solar panel can typically produce 10 to 25% of its typical power capacity.

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