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  • Why choose Hanwha Solar?

  • Hanwha solar modules are ideal for commercial, residential and utility-scale applications, both on-grid or off-grid. Hanwha solar modules are built using in-house produced cells that undergo rigorous materials testing before and during module production. Our 5S Lean manufacturing process ensures uncompromised quality at every step.

  • Who is Hanwha solutions?

  • Hanwha Solutions operates in three business areas: chemicals, total energy solutions, and advanced materials. Hanwha Q CELLS With world-class technology and high quality, Hanwha Q CELLS captured the biggest market share in major markets including Germany, the UK, South Korea, and Japan.

  • Which Hanwha Q Cells solar module won the 2017 Intersolar Award?

  • Hanwha Q CELLS has won the 2017 Intersolar Award in the Photovoltaics category. Hanwha Q CELLS’ Q.PEAK RSF L-G4.2 solar module was selected as the most innovative out of ten shortlisted entries and out of 51 applications in total. PV Magazine Award The Q.PEAK RSF L-G4.2 was awarded the PV magazine award in the top innovation category.

  • How did Hanwha Q Cells become the world鈥檚 largest producer of solar cells?

  • By acquiring the proprietary PV solution, Hanwha Q CELLS has been able to mass produce high quality products. Subsequently, it has become the world鈥檚 largest producer of in-house solar cells and has a power generation capacity of 8.0 GW. In 2017, Hanwha Q CELLShas achieved a new milestone by producing one billion Q.ANTUM solar cells.

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