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grid tie solar systems

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  • How do grid-tie solar panels work?

  • How Grid-Tie Solar Panel Systems Work Grid-tie solar energy systems do not have batteries. A grid-tie solar system generates electricity from the sun and is connected to the house and main power grid. Solar PV grid-tie systems absorb photons of light from the sun, which produces DC current electricity.

  • What is a solar grid-tie inverter?

  • Solar grid-tie inverter: The grid-tie inverter converts DC electricity from the panels into alternating current (AC) electricity usable by both the house and grid. It also assesses energy flows in real time to determine if solar output should be used in the home or exported.

  • What is included in a grid-tie solar kit?

  • Our grid-tie solar kits include everything you need to start generating energy from your home or business. Depending on the size of the system and your energy usage, you will be able offset a portion of your energy bill, or feed back into the grid for…

  • What is a grid-tied PV power setup?

  • A grid-tied PV power setup adds a second energy source to the home or business. The solar panels produce electricity and send the extra power back to the utility company. When the solar panels are not producing electricity, then power comes from the utility grid.

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