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go power inverter warranty

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The Go Power! warranty isvalid against defects in materials and workmanship for the specific product warranty period. The Go Power! warranty is not valid against defects resulting from,but not limited to: Misuse and/or abuse,neglect or accident

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  • What is the go power inverter charger?

  • The Go Power! Inverter Charger is a breakthrough product where you get top features, quality, and performance at an economical price. The inverter charger is a 3-in-1 system combining an inverter, battery charger and automatic transfer switch. This saves space and simplifies installation by reducing the number of devices and cables to install.

  • What does the go power warranty not cover?

  • The Go Power! warranty is not valid against defects resulting from, but not limited to: Improper installation, including, but not limited to: improper environmental protection and improper hook-up Acts of God, including lightning, floods, earthquakes, fire, and high winds

  • What is the go power series?

  • Introduction The Go Power! Inverter series provides mobile power for people on the go. Run standard AC appliances wherever you travel. Silent, lightweight and simple to use, Go Power!

  • Where do I Send my Go Power owner鈥檚 manual?

  • Go Power! Electric Inc. PO Box 6033 Victoria, BC V8P 5L4 Tel: 866-247-6527 Fax: 866-607-6527 Email: [email protected] Go Power! Modified Sine Wave Inverter Owner鈥檚 Manual

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