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gnb batteries

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GNB Batteries. . Stationary Batteries by GNB Technologies,the world wide leader in supplying DC power for all types of telecommunications,UPS,utility,switch gear and energy storage systems,are available for your requirements in the New York Metro,Eastern Upstate,Connecticut and the New England areas.

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  • Why GNB industrial power?

  • GNB provides industry-leading rapid-response sales, service, and recycling capabilities. GNB Industrial Power (Exide Technologies), is an American manufacturer of lead-acid batteries, including automotive batteries and industrial batteries.

  • Why GNB systems severe duty batteries?

  • GNB Systems SEVERE DUTY SERIESbatteries combine all of the best features of calcium maintenance free and lead-antimony technology into a single line of batteries. GNB Systemsstocks the full line of SEVERE DUTYBatteries for your commercial needs.

  • What kind of battery does a GM truck use?

  • GNB’s Magnum Power batteries for GM brand automobiles and light trucks are available in various cold cranking amps from 450 and up to 850 CCA. Truck Batteries are in-stock, charged up and ready for pick up. High performance batteries are also available for pick up or for online ordering Odyssey Batteriesand US Battery AGM batteries

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