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glass roof tiles

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  • What are glass roof tiles made of?

  • The tiles, which are made from ordinary glass, weigh about the same as the clay roof tiles they replace but allow the sun to heat air that is then used to heat the house and cut energy bills.

  • What is a glass tile?

  • Real sources of light, glass tiles become industrial roofs, translucent, illuminating attics, garden sheds, sports halls. They cover roof overhangs, verandas, canopies … The Portuguese tile has become a classic in the building world thanks to its attractive design and easy dispose of rainwater.

  • What are solar roof tiles?

  • Our solar roof tiles are ideal for any application that uses the photoelectric effect as a clean energy source … Made of resistant glass, they can be place directly on the roof replacing a normal roof tile. These pieces alow the natural light to get into the house.

  • Are glass roof tiles the hottest new material in 2010?

  • Glass roof tiles let a little … Swedish company, Soltech Energy, recently received the gold medal for this year’s hottest new material at the Nordbygg 2010 trade fair in Stockholm, Sweden. The award was fitting because it was for the company’s home heating system that features roof tiles made out of glass.

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