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  • Who are Genny Hire Ltd?

  • Genny Hire Ltd – Generator specialists based in Aberdeen, UK, specialise in the hire, sales and service and repair of diesel generators. Genny Hire Ltd – Generator specialists Genny Hire Ltd. Power [email protected] 515 233 Power Generation Specialist Super Silent Bunded We have the power to deliver! Our Services

  • What do I need to know about my Genny machine?

  • Your GENNY machine’s unique serial number and current software version. The latest alert messages transmitted from your GENNY. For the first time ever, your GENNY can be located anywhere! All GENNY needs to start creating drinking water from air is an electrical power supply. There is no need for plumbing infrastructure at all.

  • Why choose Genny?

  • GENNY can produce cold water, as well as hot drinking water. Environmentally-friendly solution for home and office use. GENNY reduces the use of plastic bottles, as well as the need for logistic processes, storage, and transportation. Convenient, allowing the independent production of drinking water directly at the point of consumption.

  • What is the Genny application?

  • IOT Award GENNY Application has been awarded for developing a breakthrough IoT platform of water production systems worldwide. Global Recognition 25 Oct. 2017 Dr Michael Mirilashivili introduces Watergen technology to former US President George W. Bush

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