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  • What is Genny and how does it work?

  • Until the Go core team include support for generics in Go, genny is a code-generation generics solution. It allows you write normal buildable and testable Go code which, when processed by the genny gen tool, will replace the generics with specific types. Generic code is valid Go code Generic code compiles and can be tested

  • Who are Genny Hire Ltd?

  • Genny Hire Ltd – Generator specialists based in Aberdeen, UK, specialise in the hire, sales and service and repair of diesel generators. Genny Hire Ltd – Generator specialists Genny Hire Ltd. Power [email protected] 515 233 Power Generation Specialist Super Silent Bunded We have the power to deliver! Our Services

  • How to generate specific version of a map using Genny?

  • We have started building a library of common things, and you can use genny get to generate the specific versions you need. For example: genny get maps/concurrentmap.go KeyType=BUILTINS ValueType=BUILTINS will print out generated code for all types for a concurrent map.

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