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  • What does the GCL do?

  • The mission of the GCL (the League) is to provide opportunities for the integration and development of Christian values into the everyday life of students through interscholastic athletic competition. Exemplary sportsmanship, respect, self-discipline and responsibility are the keystones of the GCL and define their members.

  • What does gclsi stand for?

  • We are… GCL System Integration Technology Co. Ltd (GCL S.I.GCLSI) is part of the GOLDEN CONCORD Group (GCL), an international energy conglomerate specializing in clean and sustainable energy.

  • Who is the GCL commentator?

  • Tune in with your favourite commentator Frederik de Backer and new presenter Marc Lewis who will unpack performances, decisions and tactics behind the GCL. Don’t miss any of the behind the scenes gossip in the world of GCL!

  • Why choose a GCL modular system?

  • Versatile design, perfect fit for all kinds of application. GCL’s all new moduel is a modular best suited for residential use and is a perfect power plan for your home. The G-Home Solar Kit combines energy storage and home energy management systems (HEMS), allowing home owners to store solar energy throughout the night.

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