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  • What is poly-GCL?

  • POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Limited (鈥淧OLY-GCL鈥? is an integrated mixed ownership clean energy enterprise specializing in exploration and development锛宻torage锛宼ransportation and processing锛宼rading, sales and terminal utilization.

  • Who is the CEO of poly GCL petroleum group?

  • ZHOU Gan, CEO of Poly-GCL Petroleum Group, with the company’s technical professionals from exploration and development, drilling and surface engineering departments, received the delegation.

  • Who is the chairman of GCL group?

  • On January 16th,2018, chairman of GCL Group, Zhu Gongshan held talks with the prime minister of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Desalegn and signed pipeline development agreement.

  • Why choose GCL oil and gas?

  • All the GCL oil and gas people are working hard and moving forward with burden. It is the outstanding performance of all the GCL people which makes the GCL oil and gas flag fly high at home and abroad, making the mid and long-term planning of the oil and gas business consistently carried out with supreme strategy.

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