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  • What is the G5 backup power fuel cell solution?

  • The G5 backup power fuel cell solution employs our advanced IoT remote monitoring software, which offers businesses capabilities to control and maintain the fuel cell remotely. The easy-to-use software provides users complete visibility into system health at all times and alerts users to take prompt action in case of any issues.

  • What is the gencell G5?

  • The GenCell G5 overcomes the significant weaknesses of the most common backup power solutions: the limited duration of batteries, the smell, noise and lengthy startup time of diesel generators and the weather/daylight limitations of solar energy systems.

  • What are 5G small cells and how do they work?

  • 5G small cells are fairly simple in design and can be installed in less than a few hours. This is very much unlike the beefier 4G towers that take much longer to install and get up and running. Of course, small cells also require a power source and backhaul to connect it to the carrier’s 5G network, and eventually the internet.

  • What is the G5 long-duration ups?

  • The GenCell G5 long-duration UPS (uninterruptible power supply) provides a potentially unlimited source of 5kW backup power – along with support for peak loads of up to 100kVA – for a wide range of markets, from commercial and industrial applications to first responders and defense, telecom and other segments.

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