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  • What is a fm60 mower?

  • The FM 60 is designed for tractors with a wheelbase of 68 to 92 inches wide. It is an excellent choice for cleaning up fence lines that have not been maintained for several years.The mower includes a roller track for an even swing action to position itself back under the fence line.

  • What is the fmr60?

  • from CHF 803.- Micropilot FMR60 is the first 80GHz radar developed according to the international functional safety directive IEC 61508. The free space radar offers maximum reliability due to the drip-off antenna, improved algorithms and small beam angle.

  • What is the difference between the fm60 and fm60 controller?

  • The FM60 controllers are nearly identical in form factor and mounting holes. The only slight problem is that the FM60 has no knockout port on the right side, so you can’t feed a Mate cable through to an adjacent FM60, if you’ve got two.

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