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enphase microinverter

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  • Are Enphase microinverters worth the investment?

  • In addition to the greater energy savings from higher production, Enphase microinverters are just a better long-term investment. Enphase microinverters come with a 10-year warranty; string inverters need to be replaced at least once in the lifetime of the system.

  • What makes Enphase different from other solar companies?

  • Teff Reed, product line director for Enphase, noted that, instead of going for cost-reduction like so many solar companies, they鈥檝e focused instead on adding features that help homeowners save money and solar companies decrease installation time.

  • What happened to Enphase Energy?

  • Like many big solar companies, Enphase needs to continually raise new capital to continue their day-to-day business. During the 1 st quarter of 2017, the company raised $50 million, but by the end of March, they had just $30 million left in cash. During that first quarter, Enphase reported a net loss of $23 million.

  • What are the different configurations of the Enphase Energy System?

  • The Enphase Energy System with IQ8 comes in four different configurations: the first is 鈥淪olar Only鈥? the second is 鈥淪unlight Backup鈥?with no battery; the third is 鈥淗ome Essentials Backup鈥?with a small battery; and the fourth is 鈥淔ull Energy Independence鈥?with a large battery.

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