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enphase energy inc. iq 7+

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  • What is the Enphase IQ 7 and IQ 7+ microinverter?

  • The high-powered smart grid-ready Enphase IQ 7 Micro and Enphase IQ 7+ Micro dramatically simplify the installation process while achieving the highest system efficiency. Part of the Enphase IQ System, the IQ 7 and IQ 7+ Microinverters integrate with Enphase Storage, the Enphase IQ Envoy, and the Enphase Enlighten monitoring and analysis software.

  • Do I have to buy the Enphase IQ envoy?

  • Right now, you have to buy the Enphase IQ Envoy to be able to monitor your system’s output. The IQ Envoy is a separate unit that requires extra work during installation and commissioning, which only adds more labor to the installation process.

  • What can you do with Enphase?

  • Make, use, save, and sell your own power. On or off the grid, our smartest microinverter ever. This is your energy bank. Our customers’ stories. Start your solar journey with Enphase. Solar, simplified.

  • How much does an IQ7+ micro inverter cost?

  • IQ7+ Price and Specs Enphase IQ7+ micro-inverter Price: $147 apiece (plus $18 apiece for mandatory Q Cable connectors, totaling $165 per unit) Wattage: 290 watts

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