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enphase consumption ct

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When used with a Gateway-S Metered or IQ Gateway,the Enphase consumption Current Transformer (CT)enables home energy consumption monitoring.

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  • What is the Enphase consumption monitoring CT (current transformer)?

  • For installers who are growing their business by offering their customers the Enphase Home Energy Solution, the Enphase Consumption Monitoring CT (current transformer) is the equipment that performs this important function.

  • Which consumption CTS do I need to install with Enphase?

  • Two consumption CTs must be installed alongside the Envoy-S Metered gateway. A production meter is preinstalled in the Enphase AC Combiner Box and is included with all Envoy-S Metered purchases.

  • Can I replace the Enphase production monitoring CT with an envoy-s metered?

  • The Enphase Production Monitoring CT can鈥檛 be replaced with an off-the-shelf production CT, since each one is calibrated to and paired with an Envoy right at the factory. This also means that if you ever need to replace an Envoy-S Metered in the future, you鈥檒l have to replace the CT as well.

  • What is Enphase?

  • Actual Sites with Consumption Monitoring Enphase allows access to actual sites that use consumption monitoring.

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