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electric wire thickness

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  • What is the size of an electrical wire?

  • Electrical Wire Size Purposes Wire Size (Square mm) Functionality/Purpose 1 Sq mm Wires Earthing Purpose 1.5 Sq mm Wires Distribution purpose, from switchboard t … 2.5 Sq mm Wires Distribution Board (DB) to mainboards in … 4.0 Sq mm Wires Geyser/Heaters, Electrical Induction sto … 1 more rows …

  • How do you measure the thickness of a wire?

  • Industries use the American Wire Gauge method to measure the thickness of a wire. The AWG method is a standard method developed in the United States. With this method, you can specify gauges for solid, nonferrous, and round electrically conductive wires.

  • How does wire thickness affect electrical performance?

  • As a wire鈥檚 thickness affects its electrical properties (e.g., resistance and load-carrying capacity), knowing the gauge of a wire allows industry professionals to quickly and easily determine whether it is appropriate for a specific application.

  • What thickness wire do I need for LED strips?

  • To transport 3 Amps over 10m you need a minimal wire thickness of 1.5mm2 or between 16 and 14 gauge To transport 18 Amps over 5m you need a minimal wire thickness of 2.5mm2 or 10 gauge Are you insane? According to the above calculations you need some thick cables to connect you LED strips to your boards!

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