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  • What is monitor electric?

  • Monitor Electric is a developer of complex software for power industry control centers and industrial automation systems. Read more JSC Monitor Electric, 2019. All rights reserved. Terms of use Phones: +7 (495) 258-80-90, +7 (8793) 34-94-00

  • What is a sense monitor?

  • Solutions. Available for single-phase, split-phase and three-phase panels, the Sense monitor is an ideal solution for existing infrastructure. High-resolution processing built directly into the next generation of meters. Eliminates the need for additional hardware to gain access to Sense鈥檚 data and insights.

  • Why choose Elkhart Brass fire suppression monitors?

  • From manual to electric or radio frequency monitors, Elkhart Brass is the established leader in the field of monitors (aka water cannons). We manufacture one of the largest selections of quality monitors available anywhere, so there is one perfectly suited to meet virtually every fire suppression need.

  • How does the sense home energy monitor work?

  • With just two clamp-on current sensors, the Sense Home Energy Monitor takes current and voltage measurements over 1 million times every second. From this incredibly high-resolution data, it derives the electrical signatures of individual devices.

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