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el paso electric solar panels

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  • Why choose El Paso Electric for solar?

  • Our solar facilities are designed with you in mind and their production is shared with numerous other El Paso Electric customers. Power your home or business with locally generated solar energy and help ensure a brighter energy future for generations to come.

  • Can solar panels be installed on your El Paso roof?

  • Nowadays, solar panels in El Paso, TX can be incorporated into almost any type of roofing. There are even other kinds out there that look like roof shingles so the roof of your house will still look normal. The biggest attribute of any solar inverter is its power rating.

  • How long do El Paso solar panels last?

  • El Paso solar panels are built to last, meaning there are no concerns that you will have to keep replacing them every few years. That means once you have got them installed they require very little maintenance and you can just use the electricity which they produce for free. You could even be using them to generate electricity for decades to come.

  • Can solar panels save you money on your electric bill?

  • New federal, state, and local solar energy incentives, rebates, and tax credits are making it possible for homeowners and businesses to save money on their electric bills by installing solar panels on their homes or businesses at no additional cost compared to their average electric bill.

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