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  • What is an eGauge?

  • These sensors measure the current flowing through the wires connected to each circuit breaker. The eGauge reads current transformers several thousand times per second, calculates power, stores that data, and creates a user interface to display the information.

  • How does the eGauge UI work?

  • The eGauge UI presents a powerful and straightforward graph to visualize energy data. The graphical view is highly customizable and can be set to display (or hide) any number of monitoring points.

  • How does the eGauge protocol work?

  • Contact Us to find out if your protocol is in development! Each eGauge unit combines an energy meter, data logger, and a web server. This powerful combination lets you measure, store and retrieve data directly from the device or from a remote location.

  • What is engauge digitizer?

  • Engauge Digitizer瀹樻柟鐗堟槸涓€娆剧晫闈㈢洿瑙傘€佸姛鑳藉嚭浼椼€佹搷浣滄祦鐣呯殑鍥惧舰鏁板瓧鍖栧伐鍏枫€?Engauge Digitizer瀹樻柟鐗堝彲浠ヨ交鏉剧殑灏嗘洸绾垮浘杞寲鎴愭暟鎹紝骞舵敮鎸佸鏇茬嚎鍥捐繘琛岃嚜鍔ㄦ洸绾胯拷韪苟鑷姩鍘绘帀鍧愭爣缃戞牸锛屾敮鎸佸鐞嗘瀬鍧愭爣绯汇€佺嚎鎬у潗鏍囩郴銆佸鏁板潗鏍囩郴绛夈€?/div>Engauge Digitizer涓嬭浇-Engauge Digitizer瀹樻柟鐗堜笅杞?鍗庡啗杞欢鍥?/a>

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