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duratrack hz v3 installation manual

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  • What’s new in the DuraTrack Hz V3?

  • DuraTrack HZ v3 THE (R)EVOLUTION IN TRACKER DESIGN CONTINUES The latest evolution of the DuraTrack HZ v3 features an optimized interface for mounting First Solar thin-film modules. Together, these two powerhouses deliver superior energy performance and reliability to your solar plants. OUR EXPERIENCE. YOUR ADVANTAGE.

  • Why choose first solar’s DuraTrack Hz?

  • DuraTrack HZ v3. First Solar modules also have years of proven reliability in harsh environments. HIGHEST PERFORMANCE. Combine the high density made possible by the DuraTrack HZ v3 with First Solar’s thin film

  • What is zero scheduled maintenance for the zero tracker?

  • ZERO SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE. The tracker’s gearboxes are sealed and lubricated for life, resulting in zero scheduled maintenance. All tracker rows self-calibrate twice daily, ensuring that each row is always at the optimal tracking angle. Uninterrupted module rows create a robot-ready design permitting autonomous module cleaning.

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