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  • How does Arizona compare to other states in electricity retail sales?

  • Total per capita electricity retail sales in Arizona are lower than in about two-thirds of the states.

  • What are Arizona鈥檚 energy resources?

  • Almost all of Arizona鈥檚 energy mineral resources are on tribal lands. Renewable resources are abundant in Arizona, and they offer opportunities for electricity generation on tribal lands in remote areas. Tribes are assessing their solar, geothermal, wind, and biomass resources for onsite generation of electricity.

  • What is a REC in Arizona?

  • In Arizona, a REC is a bundled package of three elements: the kWh, the renewable attributes, and any environmental attributes. All three must be delivered to Arizona customers and utilities in order to meet the RES requirements. Unbundled paper RECs will NOT meet RES requirements.

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