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  • Can I buy solar panels for sale?

  • We carry all the major solar panel types in the top brands, so you can buy solar panels that will perfectly fit your system. Utilizing solar energy through solar panels for sale lowers the monthly energy bill with solar power, increases the value of homeowners鈥?houses, and reduces your carbon footprint.

  • What are the best affordable solar panels on the market?

  • LONGi and Q Cell are two of the most affordable solar brands that maintain reputations for good quality at a low price. As you can see, they both provide exceptional price per watt and efficiency without sacrificing warranty.

  • Where is discount solar located?

  • We are located on the west side of the great state Arizona in the town of Quartzsite, the heart of snowbird country, about 20 miles east of the California border near the intersection of Highway 95 and Interstate 10. Discount Solar has become a name that our customers respect and trust.

  • How much do solar panels cost to install?

  • Solar panel prices vary widely, around $200 to $600 or more per panel. Prices depend on the type of panel (monocrystalline or polycrystalline), manufacturer, cell size and wattage output. Because every home is different, the total number of solar panels needed for your residence will also vary.

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