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  • Where can I find disco Solaris roadmap and FAQ?

  • Our Roadmap and FAQ are now available on the Disco Solaris Discord – check the FAQ and Starmap channels! A blockchain enthusiast with 12+ years of experience in indie game development (marketing, game design, writing, localisation, QA). Worked on several very successful games that sold in hundreds of thousands of copies.

  • What happened to SOLAR Records?

  • SOLAR Records was formed in 1977 as a result of the closing Soul Train Records. and acts like Shalamar, the Whispers and Lakeside helped to consolidate the label as one of the most important for over a decade. As time changed, so did the music scene and SOLAR navigated through those styles with success until its closure.

  • What happened to solar’s Whispers?

  • As mentioned above, the Whispers were one of SOLAR’s most successful acts. The quintet harmony group was actually formed in Los Angeles way back in 1964 by twin brothers Walter and Wallace Scotty Scott, along with Nicholas Caldwell, Marcus Hutson and Gordy Harmon. Gordy left the group in 1973 and was later replaced by Leaveil Degree.

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