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deka solar photovoltaic batteries

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  • What is a Deka solar battery?

  • Deka Solar batteries are valve-regulated, gel electrolyte or absorbed glass mat batteries designed to offer reliable power for frequent deep cycle solar power applications where minimum maintenance is required. Contact us toll-free: (877) 297-0014 for wholesale prices and complete systems using these batteries.

  • Why Deka solar maintenance Saver® flooded batteries?

  • Higher voltage systems naturally have greater power requirements. Deka Solar Maintenance Saver Flooded Batteries are available as a single cell or system. They are designed to offer reliable, low maintenance power for renewable energy applications where frequent deep cycles are required and minimum maintenance is desirable.

  • What makes Deka unigy batteries unique?

  • Exclusive to all Deka Unigy batteries, East Penn makes a special valve that is manufactured on-site, and 100% tested for performance. Deka Unigy II batteries feature the exclusive MICROCAT Catalyst built into the valve 鈥?helping to ensure a 20-year design life.

  • What kind of battery is in a Deka flood system?

  • Deka Flooded System / 2V Spec Sheet Deka Gel System / 2V The Deka Solar Dominator Valve-Regulated Gel electrolyte battery is designed to offer reliable, maintenance-free power. It is available as a single cell or system.

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