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dc submersible pump

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  • What is a SDS DC pump?

  • SDS DC Submersible Pumps. SunPumps SDS series submersible pumps are efficient, low voltage, DC powered, diaphragm type positive displacement pumps designed specifically for water delivery in remote locations. They operate at 12 to 30 volts DC which may be supplied from a variety of independent DC power sources.

  • How many volts does a submersible pump use?

  • This combination results in a high quality, energy efficient, and exceptionally cost-effective submersible pump unit with a wide range of applications, and a choice of 12 Volt DC or 24 Volt DC or 115 Volt AC power options.

  • What is the V3 Nemo submersible?

  • The V3 Nemo Submersible is a complete ready-to-install DC powered submersible well pump. It features a super-watertight corrosion and rust proof PVC case specifically designed for and fitted to a Flojet motor and Flojet duplex diaphragm pump head.

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