Custom solar panels

Custom solar panels
Custom solar panels

The majority of household solar installations will utilize standardized solar panels. This doesn’t mean that your home’s solar installation is going to be one-size-fits-all — just the reverse, every solar installation should be personalized for your home’s roof and architecture. However, it does mean that the individual solar PV modules are going to be of standard shape, size, and efficiency.

Some homes, companies, and specialty buildings are likely to be of a non-standard size, needing a higher amount of customization than your usual construction. This is where customized solar panels come in. We’ll take a look at the benefits of bespoke solar panels.

Benefits of Custom Solar Panels

Crystalline silicon solar panels can be custom-built for your needs. Facets that can be adjusted are the efficiency rating (to an extent), the size, and the form. Each of these can be valuable in different situations.

Customizing Your Solar Panels’ Efficiency

The quickest way to acquire the efficiency rating that you need is to find panels that already have that efficiency, then have those installed. Many solar installers will offer a selection of brands and types to best satisfy their customers’ needs. Some will even custom order panels if the purchaser has a specific model in mind. Make sure you verify with your installer to discover the products that they offer.

Customizing the Size of Your Solar Panels

You may be in a position where you require solar panels that aren’t as huge as the conventional panels. When this case develops, you would need to obtain panels that are trimmed down. There are a couple of methods that you can do this.

The first approach is to custom order your solar panels to be a different size. Custom-built solar panels can be tailor-made for your individual scenario, allowing them to fit snugly on a non-standard roof, among other purposes.

Customizing the Shape of Your Solar Panels

Like adjusting the size of your panels, you can also change their shape. This can happen when the space where the panels are to be put is round or triangular. Solar panels can be shaped into numerous forms in order to accommodate these kinds of areas, particularly if you only have limited space to extract as much energy out of as possible.

Panels like these are also going to be more expensive than regular panels and, depending on the design you decide on, certain modules may be less efficient. However, if money is not a problem and you require solar panels for a unique purpose, changing their design can be a realistic alternative.

Final Words

Most homeowners will thrive with a solar company’s usual choice of solar panels. Standardized solar panels have been vetted through widespread use and usually have a strong corporate backing. Some roofs will be an unusual shape or size, which may inhibit a standard installation. When this happens, solar panels may need to be cut into specific shapes or sizes.

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