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ct solar incentives 2021

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Buy and install a new home solar system in Connecticut in 2021,with or without battery storage,and qualify for the26% federal solar tax credit. The residential ITC drops to 22% in 2023 and ends in 2024. 5

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  • Does Connecticut have the best solar programs and incentives?

  • In fact, some of Connecticut鈥檚 great solar programs and solar energy incentives could even serve as models for other states that are trying to help their residents make the transition. The best way to compare your solar options and save money at the same time is by registering on the EnergySage Marketplace.

  • What are the Connecticut solar power rebates?

  • Connecticut has generous solar power rebates, for up to a 10-kilowatt installation. If you use enough energy to justify a 10-kW system, the state offers $426 back per kW. This means the max you can get from the program is $4,260. That鈥檚 pretty sweet.

  • What additional incentives will I receive for my solar installation?

  • You’ll also receive a second meter to measure the energy produced by your solar installation. You may be eligible for an additional incentive if your income is at or below 60% of the state median income or if your solar installation is in an economically-distressed community. You can only receive one additional incentive.

  • How much can you borrow for solar panels in CT?

  • Thanks to the Smart-E Loan, eligible families can borrow up to $40,000 for 5-12 years at interest rates between 4 percent and 7 percent. Thanks to some helpful CT tax breaks for solar, you won鈥檛 even have to pay any taxes on your new solar panels.

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