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cs6k 270m

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  • What is cs6k-270m solar panel?

  • Canadian Solar 270w Mono Solar Panel – ALL-BLACK CS6K-270M. The ALL-BLACK CS6K-270M modules are equipped with dark mono-crystalline cells, dark colored backsheet and a black frame to enhance the aesthetic appearance of our standard mono modules. This product can improve the aesthetics of a rooftop.

  • How do I ship my cs6k-270p 60 cell poly-crystalline panel?

  • Canadian Solar CS6K-270P 60 cell Poly-crystalline panel. This solar panel can only ship via freight truck. It can NOT ship via UPS or USPS. Please email us or give us a call if you have any questions.

  • What are the key features of the cs6k series of solar modules?

  • Key features of the high-quality mono-crystalline CS6K Series of solar modules includes the following features and benefits: Excellent module efficiency of up to 17.11% Outstanding low irradiance performance: 96.5% High PTC rating of up to 90.93%

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