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For example,cord grips,sometimes called cable glands,are a type of electrical cord strain relief that provides two types of protection for flexible cords. Not only does it prevent the cable insulation from being penetrated by the sharp edges of the enclosure or electrical box,but from being pulled out of the box as well.

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  • What are strain relief cord grips?

  • These strain relief cord grips prevent cable pullout at the point of termination due to tension, vibration, flexure or motion. Used in conjunction with bus drop support grips and safety springs, strain reliefs are an integral part of an overall cord support and strain relief system.

  • How do you keep cords from bending in the rain?

  • Create a tight grip on cords in wet environments while reducing stress from bending鈥?the 90 angle of these cord grips routes cords to fit tight spaces in enclosures and panels. Use these lightweight grips to secure cords entering knockouts at a 45 angle in wet, tight spaces while easing the stress from bending.

  • What is a strain relief device?

  • Bryant wire management products such as cord/cable installation, support and strain relief devices are an integral part of an overall cable system, improving wiring reliability and longevity in industrial and commercial settings. Strain Reliefs are used to connect cable enclosures and industrial equipment.

  • What is the best cord grip for my Cable?

  • Our 鈥楻SR鈥?series aluminum cord connectors are the top selling metallic cord grip we offer; high quality, easy to use and at a price that cannot be beat. Nylon Dome Cap Cable Glands are made from high strength nylon to outlast continuous flexing and stress on your cable.

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