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clouds raining

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  • What type of clouds are associated with rain?

  • 鈥?John Ruskin Nimbostratus clouds are another type of cloud that often brings rain. If you look up at the sky and there is nothing but a uniform, gray, low layer of clouds you鈥檙e probably viewing nimbostratus clouds. Nimbostratus clouds are thick with water and block out sunlight, and they form at low or middle altitudes.

  • Why does it rain lighten up at the top of clouds?

  • The moist, warm air can no longer rise upwards, so the water droplets in the cloud stop forming. The rain begins to lighten up as the cloud disappears into the atmosphere, which happens from bottom to top.

  • Why do cumulus clouds produce rain?

  • If the atmospheric conditions are unstable enough, not only do many clouds form, but cumulus clouds might experience substantial vertical growth, leading to precipitation. Cumulus congestus, also known as towering cumulus, are cumulus clouds which have grown heavy with water molecules and often bring rain.

  • Why is the base of a rain cloud gray?

  • The particles on the underside of the rain cloud don’t have a lot of light to scatter to your eyes, so the base appears gray as you look on from the ground below. This effect becomes more pronounced the larger the water droplets get 鈥?such as right before they’re large enough to fall from the sky as rain or snow 鈥?..

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