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  • What is the load center distance of a load?

  • Learn how to calculate load center distance of loads. In most cases, the load center of an evenly stacked pallet/load will be in the center of the load – using this information, if a load is 1200mm in length, then its load center will be at 600mm – correct for our forklift’s load center distance rating.

  • What is the load center on a forklift?

  • Most forklifts are rated with a 24-inch load center. But the load center can be any measurement, depending on the type of load that the forklift handles To understand what a forklift load center is, we first have to understand how a forklift works. The easiest way to do this is to think of a forklift as a seesaw.

  • What are the three parts of a load center?

  • Accessible only from the front Load centers are constructed of the following three parts: enclosure, interior, and trim. The enclosure is typically constructed of cold rolled steel (for indoor use) or galvanized steel (for outdoor use). Together with the trim, the enclosure is designed to provide component and personnel protection.

  • What is a main breaker load center?

  • Main Breaker There are two types of load centers, main breaker and main lug only. Main breaker load centers are suitable for use in service entrance applications.

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