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  • Can the Centennial marine deep cycle battery dc24mf Group 24 maintenance free start?

  • Hello, the Centennial Marine Deep Cycle Battery DC24MF Group 24 Maintenance Free is a RV/Marine battery not recommended for starting your vehicle.

  • Why Centennial RV/marine batteries?

  • No matter what the application; RV or Marine. No matter what the power demand; Cranking or Reserve. Centennial RV/Marine Batteries are the right choice to keep you cruising down the road or across the sea!

  • How long has continental battery been in business?

  • Powering Your World For Nearly 100 Years. Leading The Charge into the next Century. As a reliable battery distributor since 1932, Continental Battery stands by the same principles and ethics it was founded on.

  • Is the dc24mf battery a wet battery?

  • Is this battery a WET, Lithium, Agm, or Gel. Hello, The chemistry of our DC24MF battery is flooded lead acid is classified as WET. Great Question: Maintenance Free batteries come sealed for life from the factory, and do not require maintenance of the electrolyte levels.

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