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caution label

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Caution labels areused to denote hazardous situations,which if not avoided could result in minor or moderate injury. By properly labeling minor hazards your environment will promote better worker safety and standards compliance. Caution labels use ANSI yellow with the safety alert exclamation point symbol.

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  • What color are caution labels?

  • Caution labels use ANSI yellow with the safety alert exclamation point symbol. DuraMark Technologies’ industrial quality, made in the USA, labels have been tested to endure extreme environments and years of rigorous use both indoors and out.

  • What is a caution label and how do I create one?

  • 鈥?Caution labels are used to warn against potential hazards or to caution against unsafe work practices. 鈥?Customize your Caution label by adding text and selecting your choice of font. Our customization wizard allows you to view the label as you create it.

  • What is a custom OSHA caution label?

  • The Custom OSHA Caution Label from DuraMark Technologies alerts employees to the risk of hazardous materials or chemicals, while complying with government health and safety standards. Designed to conform to Occupational Safety and Health Administration…

  • What are the benefits of custom caution labels?

  • Use our Custom Caution Labels to increase awareness about specific hazards in your work environment. Hazards are typical to different workplace environments and as such a standard warning may not apply to every workplace. Send a targeted message to your workforce to keep them away from dangers that lurk in your facility.

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