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  • What are Carlon elbows and fittings?

  • Carlon Non-Metallic Elbows and Fittings: The most complete line of non-metallic elbows and fittings in the electrical industry, with products designed for use above and below ground.

  • Why choose a Carlon product?

  • These premium products continue to supply the industry with innovative ideas, easier upgrades and a long, service-free product life. Carlon Non-Metallic Boxes: Made for quick and easy installation, code-compliance and durability, Carlon non-metallic boxes and accessories are widely recognized as the industry standard.

  • What are the model numbers of the Carlon Products?

  • 004 鈥?005Electrical non-metallic tubing 006 鈥? 018Boxes and accessories 019 鈥?028Flexible raceway systems 029 鈥? 032Flexible raceway system accessories 033 鈥? 034nToemfcri hcanl i aiont 035 鈥? 037Index 4 CARLON ELECTRICAL O-METALLIC TBIG ENT) SYSTEM

  • Is Carlon safe for outdoor use?

  • Safety: Because Carlon non-metallic elbows and fittings don’t conduct electricity, the system is safe. Ready for Outdoors: Carlon鈥檚 Schedule 40 and 80 elbows and fittings resist sunlight and are listed for exposed outdoor use and, with expansion parts in place, the entire system responds well to temperature change.

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