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  • What is Carlon floor boxes?

  • Carlon Floor Boxes: Unique, cost-effective, non-metallic boxes for residential and light commercial construction, for both concrete slab and wood sub-floor applications.

  • What is a Carlon junction box?

  • Carlon Junction Boxes, and NEMA Enclosures: All of the corrosion resistance and physical properties you need for applications ranging from the industrial floor to direct burial. Carlon ENT: Light, flexible and strong non-metallic raceway system for use in walls, floors and non-plenum ceilings.

  • Why choose Carlon non-metallic boxes?

  • Safe and Durable – Carlon non-metallic boxes don鈥檛 conduct electricity and don鈥檛 corrode. Quick Installation – Expect fast installation with Carlon non-metallic boxes because they use knockouts or auto-clamps to secure the Romex or wire.

  • What is a Carlon hard shell box?

  • The Carlon SuperBlue鈩?Hard Shell Boxes combine the features of the hard shell thermoset box and the thermoplastic PVC style box to create a new rigid nonmetallic wiring box. Molded out of specially formulated thermoplastic material, Carlon SuperBlue boxes are so strong they won’t crack or break, even in extreme environments.

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